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World app Eden

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World app Eden

Post by Night of Arendelle on Tue Mar 25, 2014 4:05 pm

World Name: Eden

Locations: Eden is divided into 3 main areas, these areas have smaller areas within. There is also 1 side area, and a 4th area that is the entrance to a campaign plot device. Note that this is a Final Fantasy Inspired world, and will be a world were FF character appear.

1st Main Area: New Eden - New Eden is the more futuristic/current era part of Eden
Areas within: New Eden main city - The city looks like a cross Luca from FF10 and Yusnaan from 13-3
Shopping District
Temple of the Phantom Beast - this is were summon contracts can be made, all 3 main areas has one of these
Lords Palace - the palace were the Lord of New Eden presides
Coliseum - a place were citizens of New Eden come to watch warriors battle the Acursed beast.

2nd Main Area: Tribal Lands - the over all themes is like a mixture of the Calm Lands from FF10 and Gran Pulse from 13
Areas within: Village - looks similar to the village of Besaid from FF10
Temple of the Phantom Beast - this is were summon contracts can be made, all 3 main areas has one
Wildlands - the teaming grounds of the Tribal lands were Acursed roam free and nature is dominant
The Caves - This is a vast cave system that can be found in the wild land, the caves themselves are supposedly teaming with Chaos.

3rd Main Area: Cornelia - This area looks very similar to the Royal City of Rabanstre from FF12 though not quite as large. This is the main area of government for all of Eden
Royal City - this is the main area of Cornelia, one can go to the market and trade, or find an in to sleep at, or a pub to here the latest rumor.
Guild Halls - Eden is has a host of Guild, most of them being monster hunters. The Guild Halls are home to these guilds
Temple of the Phantom Beast - this is were summon contracts can be made, all three main areas has one.
Cornelia Palace - this is the home to the ruler of Cornelia, access is only allowed to a limited few.
Sewers - the sewers of Cornelia, were supposedly monsters and other seedy type lurk

Side Areas
Sky Pirates Den - a place were that one can reach if they can fly. It is a haven to the sky pirates of Eden, as Eden itself is actually a lead on Gummi technology, though they do not often venture beyond there own world has a many a sky pirates who fly there own personal vessels. The Den is a floating make shift dock for such vessels were Pirates can share there tails, spend there plunder and maybe even recruit a few crew members.

Shrine of Chaos - A Shrine hidden in the mountains, it looks like Chaos's Shrine from FF1. The only way to gain entry to here is from Cornelia Castle itself.

Paradox Rift - this is the entry way to the Ark

Theme: Theme is over all normal with heavy FF influence

Basic Enemies: Acursed

Special notes: This is the main world for the first Campaign and not all areas will be accessible at the start. Also a large slew of FF character will be optional party members and boss characters so be prepared. I will tack on the list of FF party members available at a later date.
Note: The most common type of human in this world is Hume or human, there are other types though. Basically teh races from FF12 and FF14 Minus Moogle cause it is a pet species.

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Re: World app Eden

Post by Anaise Draco on Wed Mar 26, 2014 12:53 am

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