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Return of a Princess

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Re: Return of a Princess

Post by Anaise Draco on Fri Jun 27, 2014 3:56 pm

Anaise took no time to get the upper hand on Hans as he was recovering from the fireball she launched into his face. She charged him with her keyblade held behind her as fire began to grow at the bottom of her feet. This is for hurting my sisters! A large amount of fire grew at her foot and she kicked it forward using her dragon fang ability as the attack hit Hans dead on as he tried to recover from her first attack. At this point the fire began to grow around her as her anger began to rise and the ice beneath them began to melt even quicker.

As expected it wasn't long before Hans recovered fully and drew in a great amount of dark energy into his sword. This pushed Anaise as she blocked it with her keyblade. She drew back on the ice but wasn't finished with her assault on him as she swung her keyblade twice towards him sending two waves of flames towards him. Though wyvern bite wasn't the fasest of her abilities, its strength was great enough to break through his defense and throw him across the platform.
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Re: Return of a Princess

Post by Night of Arendelle on Sun Aug 24, 2014 8:44 pm

Night smiled as her spell hit. However she heard cracking in the ice. She looked over to Anaise and watched in horror as her ice broke from underneath sending her sister plummeting down. Hans hopped back away barely in time. Night used dark roll to quickly travel to were Anaise had been and looked over the ledge. She quickly used her magic to thaw the pieces falling but did not see any sign of Anaise. It was as if her sister had vanished. She quickly used her magic to fix the platform. Hans however went to attack her. She used Ice shell to block and then countered with dark blizzaga. The spell blasted Hans backwards as Kuro started glowing with violet flames., as a large armored figure of violet flames with a crown and sword appeared behind him. He then used flare punch to finish the giant wolf heartless off as the figure of flames copied him at the exact same time. Night knew not what happened to her sister but she faced the dark fairy and said. you will pay for whatever has happened to my sister. Now I will demonstrate my power as a Keyblade master. Night then started glowing with an ice blue and amethyst aura. A long ice blue ribbon stretches from arm to arm as four draconic wings of darkness manifest as well as a tail. She then started to hover in the air as a large snowflake appeared behind her speckled with amethyst flakes. Hans backed off a bit and Kuro charged in swinging his keyblade for a three hit combo the violet flame figure copying every movement. Night then has orbs of darkness mixed with ice magic appear above Maleficent and rain down upon her.

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WTSC: 19
OOC Anaise has been removed from thread as I do not see her returning any time soon. She can claim what happened to her. Also sorry for the short post I will try to make the next one longer, just need to get the hang of it back.

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