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Vaxon Application

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Vaxon Application Empty Vaxon Application

Post by Master Sheep on Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:48 pm

Name: Vaxon

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 5 feet 8 inches

Vaxon Application Th?id=HN.608041058679980929&w=172&h=177&c=7&rs=1&pid=1
Brief Description: Vaxon's hair is shoulder length, and combed neatly. Even though she is not an official member of Organization XIII, she still wears the uniform as a Nobody.

Gender: Female

Race: Nobody

Class: Warrior

Age: 18

Weapon: Giant pen [Artful Eclipse]

Affinity: TBA

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Starting World: The World That Never Was

Home World: Radiant Garden

Bio: Not much is known about Vaxon, except for the fact that she was a resident of the Radiant and knew the existence of multiple worlds was true. Her somebody, who had been active in the previous year, was a famous artist with great skill in creating paintings filled with life. Around the world, residents would often purchase her works of art. That is...until Heartless attacked her world. Without warning, Vaxon had been ambushed by a group of powerful shadows and tried fending them off while a few children fled in fear. Unfortunately for her, they were too strong and easily overpowered the young girl, taking her strong heart in the process. It was after that when Vaxon, her somebody's Nobody, took life in a shady world hiding from all others. And that marks the beginning of her story.

-Affectionate: Despite being a Nobody, Vaxon is quite affectionate to those she meets. Whether they be good or bad, she doesn't care. However, these feelings do come to be false and only come to be on the basis of remembrance.

-Faith in Life: From the day she became a Nobody to present time, Vaxon has always believed that there is always a way to go on in life. If there is a way to go back to life on the better half of things, she has the faith to believe it can be done.

-Stubborn: As someone who had a strong heart and will, Vaxon can be very stubborn in the least and always conflicts with those trying to overcome her. She will immediately hold her ground when some sort of action against her is taken as a result of this stubbornness.

-Closed: After a long period of time, Vaxon has become a closed person, unaccepting of friendships and other relationships. Although she will be affectionate to others, she does not allow it to be done for her. Thinking of it as degrading.

-Cooperative: Being a Nobody working with many others, hopefully, Vaxon is very cooperative during missions out and when there is a certain objective needing to be completed. However, she will not hesitate to take things into her own hands.
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Vaxon Application Empty Re: Vaxon Application

Post by Night of Arendelle on Sat Aug 23, 2014 10:23 pm


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