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Xarasel Character Application

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Xarasel Character Application

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 11, 2014 4:54 am

Name: Xarasel

Weight: 150 pounds; ~68 kilograms (EU unit)

Height: 6'1; ~2 meters (EU unit)

Appearance: Xarasel is a pale white male that has long red hair with blue-green eyes that glow bright in the night sky. He wears a long white cloak that goes all the way down to his ankles and which that surrounds the entirety of his chest; the cloak is generally unzipped from his legs up to around his waist. It fits with his plain white pants, gloves, and shoes. He also wears a belt that wraps entirely around his waist with a pentagon shape containing a shiny symbol of the Nobodies on the front.

Gender: Male

Race: Nobody

Age: 18

Weapon: Keyblade - Concord Dawn

Affinity: Fire, Darkness

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Starting World: The World that Never Was

Home World: Twilight Town

Bio: Asrael's (Human of Xarasel) fate was never the same after he learned how to protect himself from the countless hordes of “Heartless” in which he had to slay to keep himself alive. He was forced into defending himself and learning how to wield the Keyblade in which he possessed named “Concord Dawn”.  He wandered lonely and desperate trying to find his family in which left him behind, but in the end he discovered they were killed which filled him with more hatred of the murdering race which caused his own self to fall to the darkness filled within his heart. His life was forever changed as the hatred flew through his veins fueling his anger in aeternum (which means "for eternity"). After becoming increasing close to the dangerous darkness himself, his own heart became lost to the darkness and a separate being was formed (Xarasel). Xarasel, or so he was known as by superiors who had given him the name, had no recollection of his past, nor anything beforehand, but only faint memories of someone else who he didn't even know (Asrael). After spending many days as a Nobody he noticed his potential after awakening the darkness within his own body. It was not long after, he began to realize he must accept the darkness within himself and use it to increase his own strength as well as his ability to wield it. After having the minimal knowledge of darkness he needed to perform his missions, he traveled the vast reaches of The World that Never Was to find answers to his main question; who he really is.

Personality: Xarasel is a calm and persistent being that is loyal to those who respect him. He is caring and loving even as a Nobody showing the limits of their false emotions, but when pushed to his limits he truly displays the chaos in which he is meant to represent. He is a bright and intelligent being calculating the odds of many situations including deductions of theories, how abilities may work, or even where the next attack may come from. Unnoticeable to many, Xarasel also has a specific trait kept hidden from view; one of a cunning individual.

Edit: - added previous level -
Level: 2 (Carried over)


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Re: Xarasel Character Application

Post by Night of Arendelle on Tue Mar 11, 2014 3:01 pm

Approved just a minor note what you described is a coat not a cloak, a cloak no sleeves, is tied or connected around ones neck and hangs off of the shoulders Razz

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