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Anaise Draco Current Status

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Anaise Draco Current Status

Post by Anaise Draco on Wed May 07, 2014 6:31 pm

Name: Anaise Draco/ Anaise of Arendelle.

Age: 20

Weapon: (Again can't post pic xD)She weilds a white keyblade with an icicle patterned head that takes the shape of a snowflake turned inside out. The handle has a light blue tint to it and the keychain is an encircling snow flurry. Its name is Frostbite.

Affinity: Chaos/Fire

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Starting World: Traverse Town

Home World: Arendelle

Bio: One of the two lost princesses of Arendelle. She had been taken from her home at the age of seven by the darkness which caused a laps in the memories of her that was only breached when the heartless attempted to take over Arendelle. After becoming an acursed she wandered the world of entropy lost and alone until she was taken in by an unknown character. She learned to use her powers and became an assistant of sorts to the unknown. Her mission became to travel the worlds and steer them into an era of which is still unknown to others. She has recently returned to Arendelle and reconciled with her sisters though she had only gone to see Elsa to let her know of her continued existence.

Personality: Though she is an acursed she is an optimistic. She enjoys meeting new and interesting people and will do all she can to protect her home world even from the sidelines. Though she is happy most of the time her anger can set off a wave of chaos to anything in her way. She can be hyperactive a lot of the time and use this to her advantage in battle.


Lvl: 43

Stamina: 20
Strength: 30
Speed: 33
Intellect: 30
Perception: 35

Command Deck (Six Slots opened):

Dragons Fang
Twin Dragon Jaw
Wyvern Bite

Entropy Calculation

Crimson Dragon


None known so far


*She adopted the last name of Draco due to her violent attacks on the field, some resembling those of an angered dragon.

*Though she disappeared from Arendelle as a child she was able to maintain most of her memories subconsciously and regain them quickly.

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Anaise Draco
Anaise Draco

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Re: Anaise Draco Current Status

Post by Anaise Draco on Fri May 16, 2014 11:31 am

I will reveal this before it is revealed in the actual story so as not to be a surprise. Unlike her sisters who in story have the ability to control ice, Anaise has an opposition, the ability of pyrokenisis which she rarely shows because of her own inability to use it under complete control. It is one of the reasons she was able to survive without being enveloped in the darkness at such a young age.
Anaise Draco
Anaise Draco

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