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Ability central rules

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Ability central rules Empty Ability central rules

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:54 pm

ok so basically you will come here to apply for abilities that already exist whether they have been in the games themselves or a player made a public ability you will come here. There will be 4 topics, the rules *which your reading* a Q&A area for if you have a question on a specific command. One for the actual place to post to request to gain a specific command, and one for a place for people to have rolls for rare story abilities. Such abilities would be to wake a sleeping heart, see or sense the hearts of others and ect. *note if a command that you made is specific for your character you do not have to apply to add it to your active deck as long as you meat the proper requirement which a mod or admin will have approved of*

Now some base ability guidelines. There will be some abilities that you must get to a certain lvl to obtain. Like fira and firaga. You will not be able to jump straight for the high powered commands. Rome was not built in a day and neither will high powered characters.

A base idea of the lvl guidelines

base lvl examples. Cure, fire, sliding dash, stun impact ect.

15 - fira, cura, strike raid, blitz
.20- elemental strike raids and such
30- firaga, curaga, zantetsuken *note it will not insta kill* this will be around the lvl more advance stuff becomes open
35- Salvation, triple blizzaga basically more advance stuff
40- Dark aura, Dark Splicer ect.
50 - Ars Arcnanum, Ragnarok ect and the list keeps going till lvl 100 which maxes out at things like Ultima and Omega.

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