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Summon System

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Summon System Empty Summon System

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 24, 2014 1:44 am

The name of the summon system will be called the FF Generations summon system, for the simple reason of multiple of these summons are from Past FF games. Some summons will be banned for certain reasons, example, Hades because of well the Disney Hades, Knights of teh Round and Magus sisters because the break the party limit. Zodiark well simply because I wont be letting summons who have the power to destroy the universe sorry.
Now the following creatures can not be summoned because they will count towards pets. Moomba, Chocobo, Moogle, Carbuncle, Tonberry, Cactuar, Cait Sith, and Pupu.

Now summons here will be known as Phantom Beast. They are phantoms of mighty creatures that once roamed the worlds. There are many that go by the same name but have different appearances and even a few different abilities. Now these beast all rest upon one world were chaos is has surfaced. They still seek adventure though and are willing to make contracts with mortals to see the worlds once again.

Now first off here is the summon list - you can use summons from any number tittle up to FF13 unless banned
Now I will go ahead and get the banned Summons out of the way
from FF6, Ragnarok
all of FF7 is banned because there are just to many
FF8 Doom train, Eden, Cerberus
FF9: Alexander, and Ark, and Atomos
FF10: Magus Sisters
FF12: FF 12 is banned in general

Special note on summons. First off Bahamut from like FF3 and Bahamut from FF10 will not count as the same Phantom beast each summon from each numbered title even if they share names with others are there own entity.
Second Gilgamesh is the same entity for all and there is only 1 way to contract him and that will be to beat him after someone has won Excalibur from him, or your not a Keyblade Wielder.
3 Odin's Zantetsuken is not insta kill but will do damage
4 Diablo will not reduce hp but deal dark damage

How Summons work
To be able to summon a phantom beats you must contract one and they can only be met on Eden *excluding Gilgamesh* You can only have one contract at a time, if you make a contract with another phantom beast, you lose your current one. When you forge a contract a Stigamata will appear on either your hand or arm *were and what it looks like is up to the player* You will summon the Phantom beast from the stigmata by conjuring it's crystal. More than one person can forge a contract with the same Phantom beast however if the contractors battle each other and try to summon said phantom beast it will ignore there call.
A Phantom Beast can only remain up to 10 post after being summoned, they will replace your current party as well. You can only summon once a thread. If it is an ongoing thread that you will return to you must have 3 post done outside of that thread before your summon is recharged.
A summon will vanish if you have them use there Grand Phantasim. A Grand Phatntasim is there ultimate spell or attack, like Bahamuts Mega Flare or Leviathans Tsunami.
A Phantom beast when summoned will be at the same level as the character that summoned it so please keep that in mind.

There will be an area in the applications section Called Summon contracts, a player will be able to post what beast they want to contract there while in Eden.

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