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Affinity system

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Affinity system Empty Affinity system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:24 pm

So let me lay out ground rules.First and foremost you can only have 2 affinities. You can have only 1 if you want but there is no power difference between having one or 2. Second an affinity will boost the power of any command related to that element. It also lets you specialize and your story power will also relate to your affinities being any elemental story power must be related to your affinity. Note power like gummi ship, keyblade glider, dark portals and rare powers do not apply.3rd you will be more vunerable to the element opposite of your affinities, but in turn you will be more resistant to your own. If your affinities are opposite element then you get no weakness or resistance because they would cancel each other out. Now I will post the element chart with the elements and there opposites, it is based off of FF since KH is a Disney FF crossover.


Now if you want a special affinity like time, space or nothingness you will need to roll for it. One because they are powerful and rare. Second they have no resistance or weakness having these affinities will simply let you use commands and powers that match up. This means if you do not have said affinity you will not be able to use a command related *minus stop and slow spells as these are basic. Dark Splicer falls under dark affinity as well but this would include time splicer*

Also your affinity will let you access to higher lvl commands only for it example a Light affinity can at around lvl 35 use Salvation to were anyone else without said affinity can not. Tornado a wind affinity only. Dark Aura dark affinity only

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