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Pet App Rupey

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Pet App Rupey

Post by Night of Arendelle on Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:37 am

Name: Rupey
Species: Carbuncle
Character for: Night of Arendelle (Will be met at a later date)
Personality: Rupey is over all playful. She is also curious, this is what drew her to humans in the first place. It was that curiosity which caused her telepathically try and talk to a human in the first place. She is generally very kind hearted but can be a ball of spit fire if riled up. Rupey is extremely friendly but can be shy at first,.
Abilities: Rainbow scrying *means she can cast a light and communicate with people through said light* Telepathic communication, spying, and outside battle healing.

Night of Arendelle
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Re: Pet App Rupey

Post by Anaise Draco on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:22 am

Cute! And approved! ^^
Anaise Draco
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