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Chaos Affinity abilities

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Chaos Affinity abilities

Post by Night of Arendelle on Wed Mar 19, 2014 4:13 pm

These are some basic ideas that I had for commands that are chaos elemental

Type: Magic, Chaos
Description: Much like the spell from FF13 fires a small black orb that explodes, and then implodes
Requirement: Chaos affinity

Type: Magoc, Chaos
Description: A More powerful version of Ruin, fires a large black orb that explodes then implodes
Requirement: lvl 30 Chaos affinity

Havoc Strike
Type: Attack, Chaos
Description: Charges Chaos into ones weapon and then does a powerful 3 hit combo
Requirement: lvl 25 Chaos Affinity

Dance Macabre
Type: Attack, Chaos
Description: Imbunes ones weapon with Chaos and unleashes a streaming Barrage of 10 attacks at breakneck speed that dances around the opponent
Requirement: Warrior class, lvl 45, Chaos Affinity

Ruin Impulse
Type: attack, Chaos
Description: Lunges at n opponent and strikes, then fires a ruin beam if the strike hits
Requirement: lvl 35, Chaos Affinity

Chaos storm
Type: Magic, Chaos
Description: red Lightning born from chaos rains down upon the field
Requirement: lvl 40, Chaos Affinity

Delta Attack
Type: Magic, Chaos
Description: Forms a spell circle in front of the caster and fires a powerful beam from it. This spells damage comes from both Strength and Intellect.
Requirement: lvl 70, Chaos

Grand cross
Type: magic, chaos
Description: Orbs of chaos magic are summoned and they spin around there target and then form a cross shape exploding, and then imploding dealing a large amount of damage
Requirements: Mystic Class, lvl 70, Chaos

Chaos arcanum
Type: attack, chaos
Description: Same as ars arcanum but imbuened with the power of choas
Requirement: lvl 50 Chaos affinity

Forsaken Null
Type: Magic, Chaos
Description: Conjures a field of energy that will track the opponents and drop magical orbs that will explode then implode. As long as the caster has the small field of energy going they can not move or attack
Requirement: lvl 100, Mystic class, Chaos affinity

All of these abilities will be open and usable by any Acursed

Night of Arendelle
Night of Arendelle

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Re: Chaos Affinity abilities

Post by Anaise Draco on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:21 am

All of them have been approved!!
Anaise Draco
Anaise Draco

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