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The Reprisal

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The Reprisal Empty The Reprisal

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:11 am

- Carried Over -

Hexel (Ben) wrote:Xarasel was roaming the streets wearing his white cloak with blue eyes and the long red hair that glistened in the darkness as he passed countless hordes of Heartless and Nobodies. He was holding his Keyblade called the Concord Dawn tight in his hands and while looking around he noticed it lacked many features in which he favored which was inconvenient. "What a depressing place. Hopefully I can get out of here soon" he whispers in the air as it passed through the area. He really did not like the atmosphere of the environment, but he looked up in the sky and saw a white majestic structure sitting in the air above the city which was the Castle That Never Was. It shined bright and stood as the shining ambition of the The World That Never Was. He stared at it for a moment and absorbed the moment. "A magnificent structure. It illuminates perfectly in the night." He took one last look at it and turned the other direction. He had to get his heart back, but he had no clue how to. Living in darkness was not his intention anymore because it caused him to remember the sadness in his life which ate at his core. He knew deep inside he wanted to live his life the best he could although he was filled with sadness recalling his memories which made him strive harder to achieve his goal.

He began to think back at his original name before he lost his identity and most importantly, his heart. Asrael. he thinks to himself. Where are you? I need you back as without you I am not myself. He had encountered the tragic memories of the past in which he lived and regretted that filled his mind on a consistent basis unable to discard them. Watching his family get brutally murdered as a child, it filled him with unrelenting rage that fueled him into becoming a lethal monster. He redeemed himself through his own accord and pulled through to where he is now. Xarasel is the now the light in the darkness.

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The Reprisal Empty Re: The Reprisal

Post by Guest on Fri Mar 14, 2014 4:13 am

- Carried Over -

Hexel (Ben) wrote:Xarasel’s consciousness had returned, waking up from a dream which he himself could not comprehend. He looks around the room which he was sheltered inside unaware of what was going on. ‘Is this some sort of trick? I do not know where I am.’ Scratching his head, he gets up off the bed, and stretches. Calling out, he says it loud enough for others to hear. “Hello? Is anyone there?” A moment later the door knob twists causing Xarasel to prepare for what may arise. A female appears wearing a black coat had her arms crossed as she noticed he was awake. “So, I see you are awake.” Immediately Xarasel poses a question at the female in the black coat. “Why am I here?” She quickly responds in a gentle manner. “We found you in the world of Twilight Town. You were unconscious and alone so we brought you here to take care of you for the time being.” She pauses momentarily. “Do you remember anything?” Xarasel began to shake his head. “I do not remember very much of the events beforehand. All I can remember was a dream I had just before I awoke. Everything else is a forgotten memory.” The female looks at him with an expressionless face. “Don’t think too much of the past. A future lies ahead for you. Just don’t let anything get in your way.” Xarasel nodded politely at her. “Can you tell me where I am?” She smiled at Xarasel and responded. “We are located in the highest skyscraper in the Dark City of The World that Never Was. The home of the Nobodies, and where the heartless roam free.” Xarasel looks at her eyes with a bright grin. “Thank you. I guess I can go ahead and give you my name as payment for the quartering you have provided me. My name is… wait a moment… I can’t remember my name either!” Placing both of his hands on his head displaying his frustration, he begins to think of his name. ‘What is my name!? Why can’t I think of it?’ After a moment of pondering, he decides that he could use a nickname for the time being. “Just call me X.” The female takes off her hood revealing her smooth and shiny green tinted hair along with her bright yellow eyes. She had a pale complexion with a young appearance for a woman. “My name is Jade, and I am a Nobody.” Xarasel looks at her with a glim smirk. “A beautiful name that is.” Pausing for a moment he wonders what a Nobody is. “Do you mind telling me what a Nobody is?” She nods at his question. “Simply put, a Nobody is a person with a strong will who has lost their heart to darkness. Simply composed of body and soul without a heart to feel. We are separate of heartless, which is the heart of an individual. While Nobodies may appear to connect with others, they are simply false emotions.” Xarasel listens making a mental note of the information she gives to him of the topic, but he had one important question. “Am I a Nobody?” Jade looks at him calmly and nods. “You are in fact a Nobody, but don’t worry, one can gain their heart back.” Another person behind her appears with the same cloak that Jade is wearing, but this figure’s is slightly unzipped from the bottom up to the waist revealing dark black pants and boots underneath, but the most gruesome factor of the figure was his power. The darkness could be felt as it resonated from him. A young male voice is heard from the shrouded figure. “I see the Nobody is finally awake. How is he Jade?” Jade turns around and looks at him. “He is doing fine. I am just giving him some important information as he does not appear to remember anything; even his own name.” The male voice responds coldly. “Very well.” Turning around, he walks away out of the room. Jade looks back at Xarasel. “He is the leader of our group, the Arbiter’s. He does not have a name, but he is known as Lucifer, the Prophet of Darkness.” Xarasel’s eyes widen as he hears the statement. ‘So that man is the leader?  I can’t go wrong with being a follower.’ He looks back at Jade. “I see, he is a very strong individual; I can sense his power.” She nods. “His power well exceeds all of the members of the Arbiter’s, but there is only four of us. I am the Third Arbiter, the Keeper of Darkness. We had a Fifth Arbiter at one time, but he no longer exists with us. It is a story we do not like to speak of within the Arbiters, but I thought I would inform you.” Xarasel quickly changed the topic to avoid a situation he would not like to be a part of. “Could you show me around this building?” Nodding she signals for him to follow and leads him into a large room with a table in the center with chairs placed around it with a throne on the end. “This is the Chamber of the Arbiter’s. It is where we sit and meet discussing important topics.” Xarasel was amazed at the structure of the building as it had appeared as a relic of beauty with an aesthetically appearance. “A splendid room indeed. Although I have one main concern. Where will my throne be?” Jade manages to get off a slight giggle at the joke. “We will have you one installed eventually. Maybe we will surprise you one day if you manage to join us.” He laughs maniacally. “We will see. Anyways, I have nowhere else to go.” She smiles and leads him into the Chamber of the Emperor. “Lucifer has requested your presence after you have gotten situated.” She stands back and waits outside the door as Xarasel enters alone. The door closes and he looks back searching the room for Lucifer. A throne can be seen up on a high balcony facing away from him that overlooks the Dark City with a beautiful view from a window. He notices Lucifer sitting upon the throne and slowly begins to approach him. The male voice can be heard again, but this time it is spoken in a more darkening tone. “Welcome… to the Arbiter's.”  Hesitant, he stands still momentarily unknowing what to do. “Approach me. Do not hesitate.” Xarasel begins to approach the man in complete darkness until he hears Lucifer beginning to stand up. “You were chosen to be with us from the very beginning. You wielded something many Nobodies never could possess.” Xarasel’s eyes widened at the statement in further confusion as he could not recall the memories. “What are you talking about?” Lucifer’s tone becomes absolute with no regard for lies. “A Keyblade.” Lucifer descends from the balcony to the level of which Xarasel stands upon. “Don’t you understand? A Keyblade wielding Nobody is a rarity. Something that occurs not even once in a lifetime. An opportunity such as this cannot be missed. Your powers are beyond an ordinary Nobody given the training and coordination with darkness.” Xarasel looks at Lucifer with a mild stare of confusion. “I do not understand what you are saying. I have no recollection of owning a Keyblade nor do I remember what it is.” A sigh is heard in the air. “I am not surprised. It is common for Nobodies to forget their past. Your memories will return in time.” A long moment of silence fills the air, but Lucifer asks a tempting question placing his arms behind his back and turning away from Xarasel. “Say… if you were to join us, I could help you regain your memories. What do you say?” Placing his hand on his face, he ponders for a moment. ‘What should I do? If I follow them, I will be in a safe spot. So why not? At this point I feel like I have no choice. Who knows what he would do if I declined.’ With no alternative, he determines he will join the Arbiters. “Of course… my Majesty. I would not decline such an opportunity.” While the honorifics was not necessary, he felt he would add class to his statement to display his loyalty for his new master. Lucifer turns around looking directly at Xarasel making no noticeable movements. “I hereby declare upon you the title of the Fifth Arbiter, the Weaver of Darkness. I know you will serve me well.” Xarasel kneels before Lucifer accepting the title. “I will not let you down, master.” “Leave me to my meditation. The meeting here is now over” were the last words heard by Lucifer before he ascends back up to his throne and takes a seat staring back out to the environment. Xarasel exits the chamber noticing that Jade was still waiting outside for him. “How did it go?” He grins brightly at the question. “It was not anything I had expected, but I am now the Fifth Arbiter.” She smiles back giving him a sense of comfort. “Well, you should get some rest, when you awake there will be heavy training to improve your skills with the darkness within you.” With a nod, he walks off to the room he came from recently laying down and attempting to fall asleep as he thought back on the previous events.

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The Reprisal Empty Re: The Reprisal

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 16, 2014 6:35 pm

Xarasel was awakened by the sound of a voices of other Nobodies in the hallway outside his ‘room’ slowly recollecting where he is located and why. “Do you think he is ready” the voice questioned through the wall between them. Another faint and young voice replied sternly “I suppose he is. We need to first get him accustomed to the nature of darkness in which will continue to consume what is left of him.” Xarasel was slightly confused by the remarks in which he heard, but shrugged it off and opened the door looking around for who he had heard down the hall. Looking both directions, he saw nobody, which raised his suspicions. ‘Did I just imagine that? Or, is there something going on. Something is not right here.’ A sound of a portal opening can be heard from behind him wondering if he should glance to see what the commotion was. “Is something wrong? I can sense your confusion.” Turning around to get a glimpse, the voice became familiar of one belonging to the leader of the Arbiter’s, Lucifer. The hood was fully over his head shrouding his face in the darkness, but the gold glow of his eyes remained. Lucifer remained still not making any move as Xarasel stood starting into his bright yellow eyes. With no hint of any expression, he slowly speaks. “It is time.” A grin arises on his face displaying the dark and cold nature of his young being revealing a slightly dark and revealing nature. “Questions are of no use here, but it is time you reveal your inner strength to us.” Xarasel watches questioning his motives, but determines that whatever power he contains, must be something of great importance. “Lucifer… I don’t yet understand.” A brief pause silence was heard, and Lucifer walks away into a portal of darkness. “You will know soon enough.” Xarasel sprints to the portal as it closes beginning to yell loudly as the darkness disappears and Lucifer has disappeared. “Wait! I need to know.” As he disappears, a slight frown appears on his face. Thinking back to what Lucifer said previously to understand, he recalls the mentioning of a weapon called the Keyblade. ‘The Keyblade. It must the source of my strength, but how do I get something I already possess? If it is mine, then I should be able to summon it, but how.’ These questions troubled him, but he must find the answers to them. “I must find Lucifer. If he knows I possess the Keyblade, then maybe he knows how I could summon it, but where could he be.” Xarasel begins to walk to the entrance of the building in which is the headquarters of the Arbiters. Opening the doors, he steps outside into the shade of darkness known as the Dark City to seek the answers he needs.

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