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Post by Night of Arendelle on Thu Mar 13, 2014 2:34 am

OOC npc thread

Kuro stepped out of the portal into some basement lab like area. He looked around and saw a door way. he presumed this would be the exit. He started walking towards it while remembering some notes he had read in radiant Garden once, notes that Ansem the wise had written. It was about the other Twilight town, he had made a virtual version, and this version started one of the many urban legends of of the town. Now if the notes were correct he should be able to get to the Twilight Town he knew from the computer room. He entered the next room and he saw the still smashed bank of computers. There was a strange device near by with some sort of beam. Kuro walked over to it. Well I think this is the gizmo, but only one sure fire way to find out. He touched the beam and felt his whole body tingle as if electrocuted. his vision blurred briefly and he was now standing in a similar room only the computers in this one were in one piece. He then quickly ran up the stairs out the room. He did not even bother taking the stairs that led down instead he just jumped over the railing and ran out of the manor. Once outside he quickly left through the gate and kept running till he got to the woods. He stopped to catch his breathe. he then took a deep breathe in of fresh air and a smiled stretched across his face. Geeze it feels like I was there forever, Almost all of my memory feels like it is preoccupied with my time in that dreaded world. I wonder how those blasted nobodies can stand such a gloomy place. Well any ways time to go get a bunch of ice cream, then set out to find the others.

Kuro arrived at the ice cream shop, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out his wallet. I would like a cooler of sea salt ice cream, one that will stay cold for a while please. he got a response from the back of the shop. Coming right up. A middle aged man with peppered hair and moustache stepped out carrying a blue cooler in his right hand. When he saw Kuro he gasped and said. Well it is good to see you again Kuro. How are those friends of yours doing? I mean I havent seen any of you in about two years now. I figured my best customers had forget about me. Kuro stood there mouth agape in shock. The man had said two years! That meant he had been trapped in The World That Never Was for two whole years! Then what about the rest of the Returners? What had happened to Semna, Nyrissa and Night? He had honestly just figured that they could not find him, but two years, nah that explosion must have done more than he thought. He took the cooler from the old man and paid him. Thank but I gotta run now, I apparently have a lot to catch up on. the old man waved and said. Thanks Kuro, come again, just make it sooner than another two years. As Kuro ran out the door. He put the cooler down and slapped his hand onto a button like part of his gauntlet. Within a flash he was wearing his keyblade armor, it was red with violet flames adorning it. he summoned the One Winged angel keyblade and tossed it to the sky activating his keyblade glider. It was a red bike, the two stabilizing bars on the bottom looked like violet flaming wings. As it cam towards him he picked up the cooler and jumped onto it. He ascended above the building and pointed his bike upwards. A beam shot from the tip of the bike and a portal opened above in the sky. Kuro started charging the engines and then shot off through the portal, to find his friends.

OOC end of thread

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