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Stats system

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Stats system Empty Stats system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:54 pm

There are 5 basic stats in this rp, and they are as follows.

Stamina - Stamina is how much damage you can take, simple really. The more stamina you have the more damage you can take. Now someone with 5 stamina will be able to basically take quite a few hits from your basic shadow. But if they were to fight guard armor they would not last all to long. To were someone with about 20 stamina would.

Defense - Defense is how much damage is reduced when you get hit. The higher defense the less damage you shall take. Now know that you will never take no damage however if your defense is higher than a persons intelligence or strength you will take less significantly less damage.

Strength - This is how much power your attack commands do, and your basic physical attack. This also determines how well your physical story powers will work. Ex someone with 5 strength can take on a few shadows and or soldiers and beat them within a few hits. Someone with about 20 could beat them in one.

Speed - This is how fast your character can move, and how fast your movement abilities are. Someone with around 5 speed can run at about a normal pace to were someone with around 20 speed can run like a person who is training to be an athlete.

Intelligence - This is not actually how smart one is but how powerful your magic commands are. Also how powerful magical story abilities are. Ex some one with 5 intell would do some damage with a thunder spell, to were someone with 20 would be able to wipe out a group of shadows with thunder.

Perception - This is how well you perceive things, whether by sight or other senses. EX someone with 5 perc, can easily tell a shadows rose from in front of them, and can keep track of a person with 5 speed. To were a person with 20 can easily tell when a heartless appeared behind them, and a person with 5 speed seems slow.

base stats at lvl 1 with no class

Stamina: 5
Strength: 5
Speed: 5
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 5
Theses are your lvl 1 base stats with no class, when you choose your class they will change accordingly.

You will gain stat points per lvl gain to spend as you please. You get a total of 5 per level

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