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Character Template

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Character Template

Post by Night of Arendelle on Tue Mar 11, 2014 1:52 am

Name: {what is the name of your character}

Weight:{make yourself as fat or skinny as you want as long as you don't weigh over 600 pounds}

Height: {your height. Minimum 4 feet maximum 7 feet}

Appearance: {insert a picture that closely resembles your character, you can put a description in if you want to be sure others know what your character looks like}

Gender: {male or female, nothing else}

Race: {Human, Heartless, Nobody, Acursed, All must be humanoid}

Class: {Warrior, Mystic, Defender}

Age: {can't be under 10 years old}

Weapon: {Keyblade, other kind of usable weapon like a basic sword, Scythe etc.}

Affinity: (Your starting affinity or affinities)

Alignment (Chaotic evil, lawful good ect.)

Starting World: (Starting worlds for humans are, Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden, Traverse Town, Land of Departure, Twilight Town(also a Nobody starter world). Nobody can also start at The World that Never Was. Heartless must start off in the Realm of Darkness)

Home World: (Can be any World, as long as they are populated, *note if you choose a world like Atlantica or Halloween town you must also have a normal human appearance*)

Bio: {minimum of 5 sentences that describes your character's background}

Personality: {at least 5 different things that describes how your character acts towards others, and other things}

*Note if your transfering a character from KH Beyond the limit post your lvl as well and state that it is a character transfer*

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