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Pet System

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Pet System Empty Pet System

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:52 pm

So honestly this will be a bit simple. First off there will be many pet options, mostly because a player will be able to make there own pet, though there will be a list of general pets. Some pets can only be obtained by certain races, ex a small shadow can only be obtained by another heartless or nobody, or a small creeper can only be had by a nobody. Now for a pet a player creates them self know that your pet can be no bigger than about the size of an Alaskan Husky. You will not be having giant creatures follow you around or anything like that just no. Also your pet must be something your character can realistically have. Ex, a human with a moogle, or a nobody with a small shadow, those would be good examples. Bad examples, would be like a fire affinity user having an enchanted snowman, or nobody with a dwarf, or a heartless with a fairy. Now know your pet cannot help in combat, but they can help story wise. Like if you have a moogle as a pet it can help with synthesizing. Or you have a small bird it can help grab something out of reach. A heartless could go spy for you and report back. Small things like that. Now I will let a character have up to 3 pets, however a character can only have 1 pet with them at a time. This means you must have a safe haven for your pet before you can even attempt to have a new one. Some safe haven examples would be your house on your home world if you have one, staying with a friendly npc, or you could if 2 players agree to it share the pet with another player, or even share it with a npc.

You can get your first pet at lvl 10your second lvl 30your third lvl 50

Now some pet examples.

Humans: Moogles - can help with Synthesis, research, and chocobo - can help get to out of reach places, can spy and use magic to show what it saw.

Heartless Small shadow - can help get out of reach places, can help spy. *note nobodies can have one as well*

NobodiesCreeper - can help get out of reach places, can spy, can pick locks

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