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Legendary system

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Legendary system Empty Legendary system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:49 pm

So I know this is probably far away but this is a system meant to take affect at the end of each major story arc. Not major story arc being key, lesser arcs wont be affected. So at the end of a major story arc your character will probably be a high lvl and very powerful. Then the next arc begins and you use the same character. There will probably be 2 things that will happen with this 1 because of being a high lvl you will feel like little is accomplished by gaining lvls, also for new players who may join at that time you will be grossly more powerful than they. This may cause people to leave there current characters and make new ones just to either be on a more even playing field, because lets all admit there is no fun in starting off op. now some may be attached to there characters and the story of that character, and some may be to important to let fade away, or rather just to heavily tied into the universe.

So I know that is a long intro to explaining why this system has been made but I feel it is important. Now this Legendary system will solve this issue by simply having all characters at the end of a major story arc go back to lvl 1. With next to there current rank the rank Legendary is added. Now what this will do is let you keep all command deck slots unlocked and let you use all your abilities at lvl 1, so yes if you knew like Ultima or Ars arcnanum you could still use them thought they would only be as strong as your stats. Now for those who were at there races equivalant rank for Master, will get a +5 to all there stats, those at there races equivalant for true master will get +10. The reason for this being that way these characters can still take on apprentices if they want to and be a bit more powerful and actually be powerful enough to keep up there duties.

I feel this will be a fair and affective system that will let players keep there story going if they want while giving le way and fair room for newer players.

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