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Post by Night of Arendelle on Sat Apr 26, 2014 12:40 am

Lord of the Sea
Activation: Water commands
Description: The user glows blue, bubbles form around them and a serpent of water floats around there body.
Abilities: can send columns of water out, fire bubbles that home and fire jets of water. The serpent of water will attack enemies near the user
Finisher: Conjures a huge cyclone of water that has a large aoe
Personal: Semna's unique style

Twilight Seraph
Activation: Light and dark commands
Description: user has a light and dark aura, with six angelic wings, three of light and three of dark.
Abilities: With each swing of the keyblade lets one send out arks of light and darkness. can also fire feathers of light and dark as well as fly.
Finisher: Has columns of light and dark rain down upon the field
Personal: Nyrissa's personal style

Violet Flame King
Activation: Fire commands
Description The user becomes cloaked in violet flames as well as a a large armored figure of violet flames that has a crown and sword. This figure shadows the user constantly. *think like Nero's Devil Trigger from DMC4*
Abilities: User can use the flames with each attack and can have them burst from the keyblade as well. There flame shadow will copy all movements and attacks drastically increasing the damage. *as I said think Nero's DT form DMC4*
Finisher: User unleashes a large amount of flame energy that becomes a vortex and draws enemies in.
Personal: Kuro's personal style

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Post by Anaise Draco on Sat Apr 26, 2014 10:20 am

Interesting o.o and all approved
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