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The three planned Campaigns

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The three planned Campaigns Empty The three planned Campaigns

Post by Night of Arendelle on Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:53 pm

So for some reason i just feel like I should go ahead and talk a bit about my over all 3 main campaign ideas. Now first I shall state that each one of the campaigns will draw heavily off of one of the 3 things that cross over in this series, and yes there are three for Dream Drop Distance brought The World Ends With You into the crossover fold.
Currently we are still in the prologue of the site, though if you include the story transfers it has been a very long prologue which I apologize for. I plan to shift things soon into the first Campaign, the Acursed campaign. The Intro arc to this will be Welcome to Eden Arc.

Now The Acursed campaign is the first major one, it draws heavily on teh Final Fantasy aspect of Kingdom Hearts, and so does the race the acursed for that matter. Which is why some FF villains will actually be included as enemies *or if you evil allies* during it. Also you the Acursed monsters will end up resembling a from FF. Eden itself draws heavily on FF for influence. Drawing form 3 of the most visual astetic games mostly being FF10, FF12, and FF13

Now the second Campaign will be called Cacophony. This will be the one that will draw upon TWEWY the most. I will be adding the Noise as an enemy and there will be more appearances from characters of the game, like Megumi, Kariya, and Sho. Also there will be a few new mechanics when it comes to fighting the noise that should over all make the campaign interesting at least imo.

Now the Third Campaign the name is still in the works but will probably be Over Takers, and yes I take the name form the Kingdom keepers series, and yes this will be the one that shall draw on Disney itself. This one Will be focusing on the Disney villains as the main antagonist. My best suggestion will be simpley keep on eye on Maleficent and her slowly building crew of Disney villains over the course of the 2 campaigns.

Now after each Campaign is when the Legendary system will take affect that way people can always have something to work for in each campaign whether it is simply lvl or expanding the story, I look forward to everything that is to come during these campaigns and hope that you all enjoy them as well. Smile

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