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Minion system

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Minion system Empty Minion system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Wed Apr 23, 2014 2:16 am

So what is the minion system you ask? Well it is the system for summoning minions, like heartless or nobodies, or acursed. Basically the ability for people to summon basic mobs, and a boss if there lvl is right. The main goal is to limit and not allow one to summon an army of heartless or something as an easy cop out to escape a fight, or to try and overwhelm an opponent. However we can not deny that the lesser enemy types can obviously be commanded. So here is how it will work, first you can not summon minions until your a lvl 15 at least. Now what you can summon and the lvl of the minions and how many will depend on three things, type of minion, and your lvl.

Basic minion: Requirement lvl 15, will be 10 lvls lower than the characters lvl, can only summon a total of 5 at a time. Ex of basic minions, shadow, dusk, creeper, soldier, your basic kh mob enemies.

Elite minion: Requirement lvl 30, will be 5 lvls lower than the characters. Can only summon a total of 3 at a time. Ex of elite enemies, Neo shadows, Morning stars, Sorcerers, Beserkers, basically the larger more powerful enemies that appear in the kh enemy mobs.

Boss minion: Requirement lvl 45, will be the same lvl as the character. Can only summon 1 per thread. Ex Darkside, Twilight Thorn, Guard Armor. Honestly this is self explanatory.

Now what type of minion will be available to you well here is the minion races, and the requirement to summon a minion of that race.

Heartless: Must have a heart with at least 65% dark alignment

Nobodies: Must be a Nobody

Acursed: Must be an Acursed

Special: Special minions are more than likely summoned through a story power, an example of such a thing would be Elsa summoning Marshmallow. Now if you have a special minion summon in mind through such a power pm an admin or a mod for approval first.

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