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Kingdom Keepers

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Post by Night of Arendelle on Thu Apr 17, 2014 2:52 pm

This is a wonderful book series. It is about a bunch of kids fighting to save the Disney parks against Disney villains. It is a wonderful series that any disney fan can enjoy. Also it is very informative about the parks, the cruise *the last 2 have covered the cruise line* and this last one is suppose to cover Disney Land itself.

on another note I just got the last one in the mail from my aunt in Florida Smile I will be reading it soon

oh and for my Frozen Disney fandom I squealed when I read the back cover of the book.
I shall type out what it says

"They were guided by a man named Wayne, and by Walt Disney before him," Elsa said. "Together they made this happen. They Sacrificed greatly for this chance. I guess what I'm saying is: they believed. And I believe too. It's time."

So yeah fan girl mode is engaged

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