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Command deck system

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Command deck system Empty Command deck system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:44 pm

So first off is the command deck system You will get a maximum of 10 slots within this command deck and it is for your attack/action commands such as cure, fire, blitz, stun edge and such. If you have played kh3d and bbs you know what I mean. Now you will only start off with 4 slots open. At lvl 5 you will open the next slot, then from there you will open a new slot every 5 lvls meaning you will reach all 10 by lvl 30. All action commands take one slot only. Yes you can change your deck, just please have your current deck up to date in some thread or on profile. Note all abilities will have a 1 post cool down rate. this mean if you use fire in your current post you must wait 1 whole post before you can use it again. Now there is no limit to how many abilities you can use within a post just remember that cool down rate and keep in mind if you want to end up stuck with your weapon for a post or not.

Now is movement/recovery/special commands There will be a total of 10 non linked abilities allowed in this area. You will be able to have 3 aerial commands like jump, high jump, double flight air slide and the glides. Only 3. Then you are allowed 1 dodge movement like dodge roll, slide cartwheel and such. Then 1 block such as barrier, guard, dark barrier and such. A counter can be linked. 1 Ariel recovery/reprisal Such as aerial recovery, barrier surge, counter raid, and counter blast. Abilities such as air slide can link to either multi slide, sliding crescent, or double impact. Now you can have 4 special, note if you link a special it takes a slot unlike the other base links. Special can be like Riku's shadow slide and shadow strike were he would vanish and appear behind the enemy and then linked shadow strike. Or sonic impact, note I am also including the ability sync blade in here which allows one to dual wield keyblades.

Now obviously there will be lvl limits on certain commands and such but that is explained else were.

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