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Yumiko Usagi

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Yumiko Usagi Empty Yumiko Usagi

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 12, 2014 9:10 pm

Name: Yumiko Usagi

"The Female Assassin"

Race: Nobody

Goals/Purposes: Nobody-Hunter, Heartless-Hunter; Saving the Human race.

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Class(If Required?): Mystic

Appearance: Yumiko has green hair and yellow eyes. She has a pale white complexion and is slightly skinny and short. She wears a black robe that goes all the way down past her knees and a hood that is generally covering her face during her missions. It is rare she will have it down while running around in public. Yumiko will often lower the hood when with her friends or people she is comfortable around. Her pants, gloves, and shoes are also black giving her attire a more dark and profoundly eerie aspect to her oddly bright and passionate personality.
Facial Appearance:
Yumiko Usagi CC.

Weapon: Dark-Forged Bow

Affinity: Darkness

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Level: 1

Personality: While even being a Nobody, Yumiko sits right on the border of almost being a human in nature. She expresses what appears to be feelings around others. She is loyal, persistent until the end and will not lie to those she trusts. She can be kind, but also, every Nobody has a darkness inside them and Jade is no exception. When influenced in darkness, the personality she once possessed appears to fade and she becomes unfriendly, uncaring, and brutally chaotic, even those she considers her closest friends. She will destroy anything that stands in her way when in this state. She will do anything it takes for the greater good, even if it requires destruction of something of great importance to her. Yumiko is more of an assassin when it comes to fighting styles generally hiding in the shadows and attacking when people are off guard. She is highly perceptive of her surroundings and is very adept with clean and organized movements.

Biography: Yumiko was a human like most Nobodies that were not artificially created eventually losing their hearts to darkness and in return a new being was born, but she had an enjoyable life, one with her family and friends at Radiant Garden, where she was born under the care of her parents. After she grew older and as the world slowly became exposed to darkness, her family, friends, and dreams slowly drifted away, beyond her own reach. When she was 18, she searched for those who she had lost to this darkness destroying her life. This journey, was the sole cause of her losing her heart to darkness as well, but her will was too strong and in return, the Nobody was formed, with all her memories in-tact. She had pursued a profession of being a Nobody-Hunter and a Heartless-Hunter in order to redeem and cleanse the worlds darkness around her. Eventually, she had stumbled upon a Nobody who she was planning to assassinate named Lucifer, a leader of the group called the Arbiters, but his power exceeded her own and was defeated. Knowing their goals were the same, she willingly joined to help his cause. The group was small, but its purpose was to protect the humans from the Heartless that bring burdens and tragedies, and from her memories in which she possessed of her former identity, she wanted to protect those in danger and keep them safe from the horrors of the Heartless and the "no good" Nobodies. She was given a bow from Lucifer to suit her tasks and to be able to carry out missions accordingly and swiftly fitting her style of attacking from a distance as an assassin. Her missions were not in vain, as she felt they helped the humans survive this "curse" as she called it. She would do whatever it took to save those that were not already affected by the darkness, while using her own darkness to stop it at all costs.


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Yumiko Usagi Empty Re: Yumiko Usagi

Post by Night of Arendelle on Sat Apr 12, 2014 10:21 pm

approved and yes class is required

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