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Player faction System

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Player faction System

Post by Night of Arendelle on Thu Apr 03, 2014 1:55 am

Ok so me and Anaise have been talking and we will allow Player made factions. There are though conditions that must be met to make your own Faction.


1: You must be lvl 30 at least.
2: You must buy a Faction License from the shop
3: There can not be a large amount of Factions existing already, (E.I. like 10 or more)

What a player Faction can do
There will be an area were Players can post there factions and there factions ranks and such.
A Factions rank and structure will be up to the creator and or current leader.
A player can place requirements to join there faction, whatever these are is up to the leader.

Now a faction and what it does is up to the leader obviously larger factions will affect campaigns and arks more. Or ones with more powerful members ect. Factions can do what they want in reason.

Note The admins and mods will keep an eye on things and if anything to outrageous happens we shall step in.

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