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Post by Night of Arendelle on Wed Apr 02, 2014 3:20 am

A girl with tanned skin, red hair with violet highlights and golden eyes was laying down on the white sandy beach. She was wearing a red tank top with a pink Jacket over it and a red short skirt with red pink shorts under it. Her shoes were that of her Keyblade armor which is a pink and violet color scheme. She wore two keyblade armor gauntlets of same color scheme on her arms. Nyrissa sat up and looked at the setting sun. She had been on the island for a little over two years now ever since the battle at the Keyblade Graveyard. Just then a shade walked up to her and said. I give you credit you are stronger than I thought but it will only be a matter of time until I am the one in control. Nyrissa shook her head. No you will not, you shall never have control. You killed my friends, I shall never let you do wrought chaos again. I may be trapped but I am also your prison. Nyrissa chuckled weakly. This shade or phantom or whatever it was exactly had been trapped inside of her since that battle. It appeared to be the Figure that had forged the X-blade but she was unsure for the shade had no definitive form. It had tormented her since that battle. The battle that had cost so much to win, it had cost her friends there lives, and it had seemingly cursed her be host to this phantom. So he had decided on one last price. she would stay on this deserted island keeping the shade with her. She may be broken but she could still preform this simple task. A tear slid down her cheek as she remembered some of the good time her and the rest of the Returners had had. The shade then walked up her laughs and said. Your wrong you know. Your friends are all still alive and they all seem to be heading towards one destination. Nyrissa looked up at the shade and asked. What do you mean? The phantom chuckled and replied. Simple just what I said, all of you seemed to have survived that fateful day. Though all of you were scattered to the wind. One has remained active this whole time, while the others seemed to have been lost. Though now they all are on the move, I can feel it within the streams of chaos. Nyrissa then spoke. You lie! The shade laughed again. Foolish girl let me show you. The shade then placed a hand upon her head and scenes flashed before her eyes. One showed Night, wearing some strange new outfit talking to Yen Sid, another showed Kuro flying in the lane between, the last showed Semna walking through a dark portal on some strange beach. If you would like I could lead the way to were you all seem to be destined to reunite. Nyrissa sat there for a bit thinking. This could all easily be a trap or a trick, but if she did not take the risk she may never know the truth either. For if that was all real then her friends, no her family still lived. She nodded deciding on the path she would choose. Fine phantom, show me the way. The Phantom chuckled and said simply. As you wish. Red lightning forked and formed some kind of strange portal of an energy that Nyrissa had never felt before. Do not be afraid it shall take you to the destined location. Nyrissa cheeks flushed for a second and she replied with an confident laugh. Ha I am not afraid. With that she stepped through the portal.

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