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Trinity and story powers

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Trinity and story powers

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:36 pm

Ok so I was thinking of the 2 times we have seen 2 forms of Limits that characters combine powers together for one epic attack KH1 and KH2. KH1 was just Sora Donald and Goofy, but they expanded the ability greatly in KH2. I figured we could use this in the rp. If we are in a world and we can do a Trinity with our allies there we must state it some were. Also Trinity do to the minor op factor will only be allowed on npc enemies and not players. A trinity can be up to the maximum of only 3 people the minimum being 2. Also this ability can be used by every race and form of character

Now story related abilities. These are abilities that one Can not be used as an attack in battle. They can however be used to alter the battle field like weather or damage the floor. They can also be used to gather information. Two are still affected by lvl, and 3 will need to be related to affinity or something your character could do, not some random blow up a mountain thing. Ex from games that story abilities have had some play. Xehanort splitting his heart, Aqua charming the wayfinders and Kairi's necklace. Terra passing down the Keyblade. Some examples from my characters story, making an ice slide, or seeing into others hearts.

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