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Styles and Limit break system

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Styles and Limit break system Empty Styles and Limit break system

Post by Night of Arendelle on Mon Mar 10, 2014 3:26 pm

Ok First off lets cover what styles are. Styles are a power that changes a keyblade wielders attack style, generally adding an element to there attack while also increasing there general combat ability and stats. We have seen Style in 2 different fashions in 2 different KH games. The first one were they were introduced was Birth By Sleep, were you could fill a gauge up with commands, and the basic attack to activate. The second and more recent one was Dream Drop Distance with Riku were you activated the styles by linking with your spirits. How The system will work, you will get access to styles at lvl 10, but you will only start off with 1. Then every 10 lvls you can earn another one. Going all the way up to lvl 50 for a total of 5 styles at your disposal. Now I know Riku, Aqua, Terra and Ventus had more at there disposal but this is an rp, I believe 5 is a decent amount. Now you wont be able to activate these instantly in battle. You must first make 3 combat post, and then you can activate the style, note you do not have to activate a style after 3 combat post but you can. Now What style get activated is also once again not a simple task for I will apply the BBS standard here of what style gets activated when you activate a style will be based off of what commands you have used thus far. Lets say so far in the battle you have used 3 thunder based commands a 4 blizzard based commands and you are wanting Thunderstorm, but what you would end up with would be Diamond dust. Basically what I am saying is that is that every command style requires either a specific element type or attack type to activate, and what ever type you have used the most will be what gets activated. So plan your battles out accordingly. Now when activated a style will increase all stats by 10, change you base attacks and or allow special attacks. They will also come with a Finisher attack, a very powerful attack, but know that when you use the finisher even if it is on the first post of being in the style the style will end. Now a Style can only last up to 5 post, and has a 2 post cooldown. You must then do the initial rebuild up of 3 post and the command bank of command types that were used before to activate the previous style gets reset. Example, before you used a command you had 3 fire commands used 4 blizzard and 3 dark, after a style you have none used.

Style examples:
Fire storm - activated by fire commands, Waver surfer - activated by water commands, Blade charge - activated by light commands, Ghost drive - activated by dark commands, Sky climber - activated by wind commands

Next Limit Breaks We have seen Limit breaks in both KH2 *though we did not have a clue what they were at the time* and 358/2 days. Limits breaks are brief periods were the user had increased stats and were able to use a powerful attack. Now In both we only saw the Nobodys use them. Well in here I am thinking we can allow anyone use them whether there heartless, nobody, or a non keyblade wielding human. Now what Limit Breaks will do in the rp. Well they can be used at lvl 1 unlike styles. They will als only last 2 post, and they will only have a 2 post cool down rate. There is no build up to them either they are instant. Now while a limit break is active all stats like with styles will be boosted by 10. Also during a limit break, you will have access to your limit attack, while at lvl 35 you will have access to an even more powerful version of that attack known as Final Limit. What those attacks are and what they do you decide but you will have to make an app for them and a admin or mod must approve them before use. Now Limit Breaks will alsi have a limited number of uses per battle *implying the system from 358/2 days somewhat here*. You will only start off with 1 use. Then when you hit lvl 10 you will get your second use. Then every 10 lvls you will get another 1 point of use until lvl 100 were that should top you out at 11 uses per battle.

Now I know the question on some peoples minds, "but what if I am a Nobody or Heartless and use a Keyblade?" Well if this is you then you will have to choose whether you will use Styles, or Limit Breaks. You can not use Both!

Styles and Limit break system Hearts_in_the_sky_by_nightlightmoon-d96n780
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